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Christmas Letter

This picture is of the Magi following a star, seeking and searching for the Prince of Peace. The hope of a new beginning is a picture of the families who have come to Priest River Ministries-Advocates for Women this past year. Families broken and desperate, hoping and searching for peace and freedom from oppression and violence.

As this Christmas season begins and another year ends, we are reminded again why God has chosen us “For such a time as this”. Even though we are a small agency in rural North Idaho, God continues to bring us those who need assurance and hope. Obviously, the last couple of years have been a challenge for everyone. It truly impacted the way we have addressed issues of homelessness because of violence. Yet, because of our committed funders, compassionate communities and dedicated advocates, we financially enabled families to stay in their current homes. This was a record year for women without children requesting shelter, and our partnership with a trafficking agency, more than ever before, saw our shelters occupied by women escaping that life. Yet again, people like you saw the increased need we were experiencing and stepped up to volunteer, donate and financially assist us and them. Support groups in both Sandpoint and Priest River grew dramatically and women began flourishing. As we all experienced the tragedy of Gabby Petito on national television, PRMAFW experience women walking into our offices and proclaiming, “I am Gabby”, giving our advocates opportunity to assist those seeking hope. And lastly, our free clothing centers provided clothing and supplies for 250+ people each month.

God has truly blessed us with an amazing team of dedicated advocates and volunteers, and community partners, businesses, churches and funders who are devoted to those who are broken and hurting. Thank you for your kindness and commitment to PRMAFW. You are making a difference in your communities. Women are believing in themselves, supporting their children and entering into a new life full of hope and peace. Children are enjoying their lives and becoming a healthy part of their schools, churches and programs. Even in these stressful and uncertain times, lives are reborn and families are thriving.

May the love of Jesus fill your hearts and may you be blessed, PRMAFW Staff

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